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The “Champion Man Hater of the World,” Marie Irrgang & the Antiman Association - 1901

FULL TEXT: News comes from Vienna of the death of Fraulein Marie Irrgang, who claimed to be the “champion man hater” of the world. The fraulein was loyal to her sex antagonisms to the last, and in her will she directed that no man should be allowed to take part in her funeral procession. An early disappointment in love is believed to have been the cause of Marie’s hatred of the “mere man.” She was a member of a society called the Jungfrauen Verein, an association of old girls and young girls who had been converted to the antiman views of Fraulein Irrgang. Though the fraulein decreed that no man should take part in her funeral she could not prevent men and the streets the procession passed with the male animals she so much detested, gazing curiously at the unique sight. The procession was composed of an immense throng of women of all ages and all social conditions and of deputies from every woman’s society in Austria. But Marie’s directions were not carried out to the letter after all, for the banner of the Jungfraueu Verein was so heavy that no woman could be found who was strong enough to carry it. So it was born aloft by one of the hated sex, who marched along, the only man in the procession.

Fraulein Irrgang had a rival in Fraulein Gretchen Marie Schultz, an old maiden lady of Berlin who was known throughout Germany as “the man hater.” Having had an unfortunate love affair fifty years ago she vowed that she never would speak to or, if possible, look upon a man again as long as she lived, and, being a woman of wealth, she was able to keep her vow until her death not long ago. She bought a retired house about a dozen miles from Berlin and equipped it from basement to garret with furnishings made by the hands of women. She surrounded herself with a band of women, each of whom took a similar vow of perpetual hatred of the opposite sex, and so skillfully were things managed that for fifty years the fraulein neither saw nor spoke to man or boy.

Another man hater, and one who carried her hatred beyond the tomb, was Marie Lenoir, who died in Paris a few months ago. By her will she left her whole estate, valued at $15,000, in trust to two women of her acquaintance holding similar views with her self regarding men, “to be used in waging warfare in such ways as may seem fitting to them against the selfishness and tyranny of man.”

[“They Hated Men. - Three Women Who Waged Lifelong War Against the Sterner Sex.” Syndicated, The Piqua Daily Call (Oh.), Nov. 26, 1901, p. 6]


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